General Spotter is a powerful, professional-strength spotter for use on obstinate spots commonly found on carpet and water-safe fabric. It may also be used to remove red dye stains by using the heat transfer process.


General Spotter &TLC

Traffic Lane Cleaner & Spotting Agent

General Spotter is a powerful, professional-strength spotter & TLC that requires rinsing. This product dissolves and emulsifies obstinate spots and traffic lane soils, suspending them for thorough extraction. Ready-to-use as a spotting agent or diluted for use in Hydro-Force type sprayers as a traffic lane pretreatment.

Advantages and Usages
  • Fast acting; little to no dwell time necessary.
  • Rinses easily, thoroughly & without redepositing.
  • Safe for New Generation carpet.
  • Excellent cleaner & degreaser for hard surfaces.
  • May be used to remove red stains with a heat transfer process.
  • Great Olefin pretreatment.
  • User safe. Nontoxic. Biodegradable.
Customer Information
  • Rinses completely.
  • Leaves no soil-attracting residue.
  • Nontoxic & Environmentally friendly.
  • Shake gently before use.
  • Always test for color stability before use.
For use as a SPOTTER
  • Do not dilute. This product is ready-to-use.
  • If possible, extract or rinse spot to remove bulk particles.
  • Allow to dwell for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Gently agitate if necessary.
  • Extract thoroughly and take an extra dry pass.
  • Hydro-Force type sprayers: pour 1 gallon directly in 5-quart container. Set at 1:8 to 1:13.
  • Garden-type pump sprayers: dilute 8 to 10 ounces per gallon of water (preferably hot water).
  • This product may safely be boosted with Kleenrite Dissolve.
  • Apply onto heavily soiled areas such as stairs and traffic lanes.
  • No dwell-time is necessary. Extract using overlapping strokes.
Technical Data

pH at use dilution: 9.70
Compound type: nonionic
Water solubility: complete
Freeze/thaw stable: yes
VOC compliant: yes
DOT restrictions: none
Shelf-life, years: 5+

Additional information
Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 14 in

1 GL

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