We’re about cleaning & the cleaning technician:

Since our beginning, the founder of Kleenrite Chemical & Training, Murray Cremer, was passionate, and vigorously so, about the respect, we must show for the homeowner and their hard earned furnishings. As well, the technician who was personifying themselves as a Specialist. Not a professional but a Specialist. Our training promoted each student from wage earner to that Expert.

We’re about efficacy, performance & safer solutions

Before Green became just another sales approach, Kleenrite Chemical refused to use toxic, carcinogenic ingredients in its formulas. Not because of environmental concerns, but because of the Technician who was using them, day-in and day-out.

We were the first to use odorless mineral spirits instead of harmful chlorinated hydrocarbons. We provided effective fabric protection without PFOS or PFOA and replaced unhealthy surfactants with non-toxic user-friendly wetting agents. Yet, at the same time, we maintain a higher level of performance than competitive products. This philosophy and these advantages
remain true today.

We’re about a clean planet, commercial facilities &
residential environments

Since the 1990’s we have competed (and won), developed and produced the most advanced bioremediation products to date. Integrating natural – specialized biologicals with our Kleen Chemistry; combining these formulas with specific-targeted application systems is making a difference on both a large and small scale.

By introducing Remedi®, our probiotic cleaning products for businesses, cleaning specialists and homeowners, we go beyond green & sustainability; allowing our environments to return to their natural state.

For more Kleen environmental efforts, go to www.werecodition.com

50+ years of blending & packaging high-end, professional formulas combined with our history of hands-on training, has given Kleenrite Chemical and it’s Customers a great advantage over the competition.

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Going beyond green & sustainability, Remedi biological products with integrated Kleen chemistry support the return of our environments to their Natural state.

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