Biological Odor Eliminator

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Biological Odor Eliminator

Powerful formula that permanently removes malodors through a molecular bonding action, encapsulation, enzyme degradation followed by natural digestion.

Electively eliminates all foul odors from industrial waste-water systems to residential environments; garbage can & dumpsters, grease & protein reclamation, fish processing facilities, litter boxes, pet cages, auto interiors, restrooms, carpet & fabric.

Also elective eliminating odors from tobacco, marijuana and protein fires during disaster restoration.

Direction for Use

Shake gently before use (unless you are using a Remedi Automatic Delivery System).


  • Do not dilute, this product is ready-to-use.
  • This product is also available in bulk
  • Consult your Remedi Representative about our Commercial & Industrial Automated Delivery Systems.

Apply with a hand-held, garden or backpack sprayer. For room deodorizing, spray upward into the air, away from eyes.

When using a non-thermal ULV fogging unit, follow instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer.

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