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This dry-blend contains of a variety of specialized bacterial strains that have been specifically selected for their ability to effectively degrade petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and other environments in need of bioremediation.

This Bio-Additive is formulated to work synergistically with the Remedi GROUND Pretreat, however on its own will our perform other biological remediation products on the market.

This synergistic two-part system can also be used to clean and remediate engine bays, oil and asphalt storage tanks where oil and lubricant waste is present

Direction for Use

Shake gently before use


Use 2 gallons of PRETREATMENT to 1 pouch of BIO-ADDITIVE.

Note: If desired, product may be mixed and added to tank or sprayer, prior to traveling to spill site.

Method 1:
To a backpack or garden-type sprayer add 1 gallon of PRETREATMENT, then the BIO-ADDITIVE and mix or shake well. Finally, add the the 2nd gallon of PRETREATMENT to
the sprayer and shake.

Method 2:
Pre-mix the 2 gallons of PRETREATMENT plus the pouch of BIO-ADDITIVE in a pail, then pour mixed contents into sprayer


Spray onto area to be remediated according to coverages listed below.

Coverages: 1 gallon of mixed solution will treat 6½ to 12 cubic feet of soil (2 to 4 cubic meters), depending on level of contamination.

When used alone without Pretreat

When used alone without Pretreat Simply replace the directions listed above with water, following the same coverages as listed above.

Additional information

Additional information


2×1 case, 4×1 gallon case, gallon ½ lb pouch

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