Optimzied Biological Septic Treatment

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Optimzied Biological Septic Treatment

A specific blend of natural, friendly bacteria plus free enzymes, have all been selected for their abilities to accelerate the degradation of organic wastes, proteins, starch, sugars, FOG (Fats • Oils • Greases), toilet paper and other cellulose materials.

This powerful combination, including our addition of free-flowing cellulose enzymes, will improve the activity of the septic system; reduce the need for pump outs, costly repairs, and vastly improve drainage.

In addition to this dramatic reduction of septic related waste, noticeable results in odor reduction will become apparent and maintain an odor-static environment.

Direction for Use

Ready-to-use dissolvable packets

Dosage for Septic Tanks:

An initial Shock of 3 packets may be added.

  • Families of 4+ should maintain with 1 packet every 2 to 4 weeks
  • Families of 4- should maintain with 1 packet every month

For Use in RV’s or Drainage areas

  • RV’s; 1 packet per turn-over
  • To enhance the natural biology of Drainage areas & Cesspools; an initial shock of 3 packets should be added, then maintained with 1 to 2 packets per month

Simply place 1 packet into toilet.

Flush toilet

Additional information

Additional information


12 packets pr pouch, 6 packets pr pouch

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