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Surface Pro


Biological Hard Surface Cleaner

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Surface Pro

Biological Hard Surface Cleaner

One gallon will makes 128 quarts or 32 gallons of ready-to-use solution.

For use on tile, toilets, urinals, sinks and countertops. Used in community centers, industrial kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, schools, locker rooms, auto dealerships, day care, retirement and health care facilities.

Dissolves & prevents scale build-up commonly seen in restrooms, including hard water deposits and urine crystals. Continued use will permanently eliminate urine build-up and odors. Not a mask or cover-up. Odor elimination by means of complete bacterial & enzyme dissolution and digestion of organic matter

Direction for Use

Shake gently before use (unless you are using the Remedi Automatic Dispensing System)


  • Quart Sprayer: 1 ounce per quart of water
  • Per Gallon: 4 ounces for each gallon of water.
  • Consult your Remedi Representative about our Automatic Dispensing System.

Add diluted directions.

Apply with a hand-held, garden or backpack sprayer. Spray surface and wipe with a clean, absorbent towel.

For demanding conditions; a light after-spray may be applied at the end of the day. This final application in and around urinals or on surrounding floors will continue to clean and deodorize.

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